Win $250.00 gift card from home depot!!!!!

Thank you to all of you who have already send in your replies. This give away is going until October 19th were I will be having Nick Gromicko do the drawing at his Rochester, NY meeting. This is not a Spam, or something that I will sell your info to someone else, so maybe some of you who have filled this out could post that. Just send it back to me any way possible, Good Luck and have a great week!!!:slight_smile:

Must be spam, because my anti-virus will not let me open your attachment.

I gave Dave a little bit of grief over this in his original thread, but after exchanging emails with him, I am convinced he intends no malice or Spamming with this offer.

I am Jeff (PIA) Jonas, and I endorse Dave’s offer (at least until proven otherwise). :wink:

If anyone else has a hard time opening this, please just send me a direct email and I will forwrd it to you. it could be a MB thing.

Adobe Reader opens it just fine.
My AV is set pretty tight, and I have no issue with it.