Win a $250.00 gift card from home depot!!!

Happy Monday!!! Please open up and fill out the attached fo eligability…
GOOD LUCK!!!:stuck_out_tongue: If you have any problems please email me and I will forward directly…
Just so you know your information will NOT BE USED for mailings, or sold or create spam to you.
Thanks Dave

What is your intention to use the provided information for? There is no disclaimer listed on the form.


maybe he will be contacting you at the appropriated times to try to sell you new insurance?

Just my own little hypothesis :slight_smile:

Ya think? :roll::stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondering how much more SPAM I will need to put up with if I fill out the form! :shock: :twisted:

Too much SPAM? Find a Recipe :mrgreen:

I doubt much he will likely just contact you around your renewal time if he is smart. If not he will sell it and then we will all shred him :slight_smile:

Jeff,I will NOT BE sending you spam or any mass mailings.
Thanks Dave

I am fortunate… I only live about 35 miles from the factory and museum!


Just a phone call or two, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just making sure you weren’t going to turn into another unethical vendor that refuses to do the ‘right thing’! :wink:

Let me know how it works out…
I just filled it out for you!:stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome Dude! Thanks!! :mrgreen:

Mike your about right, I’m just trying to collect some general information to see who has what out there. How many of you do and don’t have E&O insurance and so forth. Also, I realize from a working stand point how many of you come up on your renewals and aren’t happy with service, pricing and have run out of time to consider options. So by having some of this information I can give you a simple call so many days before your renewal and ask if you have any concerns thats all. At the end of the day we all have simalar goals and that is to provide for our families and I see this a a win win. I call you to ask if you need help before you even think about needing it and If I can help you then it helps me. So NO SPAM, NO MASS EMAILS and as Mike said I’m putting myself out there, if I I don’t do the right thing I get Shredded.
I hope this clears up your concerns guy’s
Thanks Dave


Thanks for the email. (Not Spam)! Reply sent.