WIN a free Ipad with wi-fi raffle

Well isn’t it nice for WIN Inspections to hold a sweepstakes for a free IPad with wi-fi. Since they can’t limit it to real estate agents, they open it up to the public. Free entry. One entry per day. I think it would be great if another inspector won. SO VOTE AWAY.

I always like to help the competition with their give-a-ways… :mrgreen:

Vote Daily.

Too late…

This is a new contest that just started. That is from an old contest. This is still active. Follow the link.

I did. I entered. That is what was shown after I entered.

Strange. I got this about 5 minutes ago.



		You're now entered into the WIN Home Inspection *Go for the Green* sweepstakes for a chance to win one of the following prizes:
  • Apple Green iPad® with Wi-Fi Apple® 64GB iPad (4 lucky prize winners)

  • Apple Green iPod Nano® Multi-Touch 16GB iPod Nano® (10 Lucky Prize Winners)

    	Come back and enter again. You may enter once per day until the  contest closes on March 31st. Winners will be notified through the  e-mail address you provided in your entry. 
    	To learn more about "What's in a WIN Home Inspection," click [here](  to explore our interactive demonstration. For more information about  your local WIN Home Inspector, or to schedule a home inspection click [here](

Interesting. I just entered again with differing info, and got the same as you. I did not enter a company name last time, this time I did.

I’ll let you know if I win…