Win Big! InterNACHI's Monday Night Football Contest.


Well I guess since it says “Post” and not “Guess” here goes
Pittsburgh 27
Cincinnati 21

Pittsburgh 27
Cincinnati 21
I win I win

Who are the members who actually won?


No one had it exactly right.

Nick, you were the closest

We all would have been better off betting on Wade Phillps getting Fired:D

So next week is it two cases?

Larry Kage was the closest member to pick the winner and the closest in the losers score…

I believe I was next at: 27/17

Well, someone has to win. Who were the 5 closest? I’ll ship them all a case.

Closest Five



joe m moya

robert smith

steven wessler

Thanks Robert, shipping.

A case of books has been shipped to:
Larry Kage
Jeffrey Jonas
Joe M Moya
Roberth Smith
Steve Wessler
Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hard to say who really won since nobody got the exact score. The easiest way to figure it out would be to take the first 25 that picked Pittsburgh as the winner. Actually Nick was the closest with a 28-21 Pittsburgh score.
There wasn’t any rule about “going over”. Looks like the next game will need additional rules like last year. Over/under for picks or TD’s or something.

Very nice…Thanks, InterNachi! :smiley:

Thank You Nick.

Thank you Nick!

Thank you Nick!

very nice