Win Cool Stuff

If anyone is interested in winning awesome stuff at this new auction website I found… There’s amazing deals to be won… I’ve already won a Canon T3i camera for about $35 bucks that retails for $800… My Home Inspection pictures are going to look awesome and have better content for my website/marketing materials. :slight_smile:

Happy bidding!!:mrgreen:

Here is the link… WIN COOL STUFF

I read about this ,most say it is a scam how did you find it being

Scam Scam Scam !! Nothing but a Scam…
they have to let someone win sometime
Better odds at a casino

What you need to remember Wayne, is that each bid of one penny, costs you more than sixty cents!!!

So… if you bid one penny ten times, it actually costs you over six dollars for those bids, whether you win the item or not. It’s not like eBay where you only pay is you win the item.

So, you may win an item at $18.00 (not including bid fee’s) but could actually cost you hundreds when all fees are fectored in.

Bid fee’s are purchased and paid for up front. If you’re in a bidding frenzy, and run out of bids, you have to purchase more to continue bidding. In the mean time, you could lose out on what you are bidding on.

Yep i seen that , i was checking the site out. Thanks Jeff

it will never catch on.

Unfortunately people are stupid and will fall for most any marketing ploy thrown at them that promises hi-tech stuff for cheap $$. There are a multitude of these auction sites out there. They have been around for a couple of years, and growing every year.

P.T. Barnum was a genius.