Win FLIR VP40 Non-Contact Voltage Detector + Flashlight

If you missed our last auction, here is your chance to win the FLIR VP40 Non-Contact Voltage Detector + Flashlight!

The approximate value is $24.99. Details about the item are at

Please post your pledge on this thread. The highest bidder wins. Auction ends Friday, August, 21st at 4:00 PM EST.

All proceeds go to Cozy Coats for Kids®! A big thank you goes to Inspector Outlet for donating the item. The item is opened but unused.

$10 bid…For the kids

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Do we have to pay shipping?

$20–Cozy Coats for Kids

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I didn’t, and it came via USPS Priority!

Thanks JJ !

Free shipping.

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$40 Cozy Coats for Kids!


@zmills wins! I’ll email you the next steps. :smiley:

Thanks for participating, everyone! Check back for more chances to win inspection-related prizes.


Merry Christmas