WIN Franchise income claims??

They claim there franchise owners make 115k a year? Does anyone have any solid information or input on this franchise? Is that 115k net or gross

Any input would be great, seems to good to be true?


I know lots of successful franchise guys. Owning a franchise can be a huge help, especially in the beginning. I also have a buddy who after 15 years in the business wishes he was not tied to a franchise. In theory a franchise should be easier to sell when it is time to retire.

115K would be a huge pay cut for many inspectors I know(net or gross). I also know many that wish they made that in gross.

I hope that helps.

Clear as mud :wink:

Like anything else, you’ll get out what put you in. It’s possible to net 115 and much more. It’s possible to only gross that much or much less.

I would guess they are talking about gross though for an average owner.

Oh and your reply is so much clearer :stuck_out_tongue:

You would have to ask the franchise to the correct answer

That claim is a 2014 average gross revenue for their franchisees that have been in operation at least three years. If you want to evaluate a franchise, you need to start with a thorough review of their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). You can usually count on taking about 10% off the top of your gross revenue for the franchisor (~8% for royalties, 1-2% for advertising, maybe more for software, etc) it will all be in the FDD. Then you have normal business operating expenses. The Franchisor has to provide enough value to make it worthwhile for you to continue to feed that monkey on your back - some are very worthwhile and Franchisees can make tons of money and some are not. You need to do your own due-diligence.



Seems to me a Franchise is a guy who was making a good income and decided he could make more by mass marketing instructional to newbies and those that never owned a business before that need assistance or lack personal motivation/education to be successful on their own making it a win/win situation for a certain segment so after much deliberation joined NACHI…oh wait,never mind.

Seriously lets have a real conversation about nuts and bolts of these Pillar and Post,Brick Kicker middlemen that take a cut of the action.

What percentage of your income do they take ?
What is promised in writing ?
Are there upfront costs like if I purchase a McDonalds ?
Do clients care about WIN inspections …who ?
If you join can you simply pay them and like any investment let them do all the work ?

Bingo… What is the franchise buy in? It can be anywhere from 15K to upwards of 35K depending on which one. What is the non-compete clause should you opt out of your franchise agreement?

Edit: Chuck nailed it. Do your due-Diligence and see how their system works.

Call three different win franchises and see what they say.