Win Mits

New to Home Inspections. Is there a way to do Win Mits on a iPad

What area do you cover? What is your experience before you decided to become a home Inspector. Come on give us something before we tell you all our special tricks :slight_smile: Great time to start doing them. You will love them in the summer. And it’s Wind not win. No ones wins with them anymore thanks to the 8000+ insta pros we now have starting to do them :frowning:

Yes, PDF expert. Post you wind mit stuff in the Florida section it will get more comments.

I like the 8000 insta pros line. Not only are they doing these inspections, (probably incorrectly) but there doing them for almost nothing! I don’t know how one can drive there, take photos, research the attic, straps, nails bla bla bla…drive back, prepare a report and sell all that for $75.00! Sometimes $50.00 Have at it - I’m currently getting $125.00 and about to raise that too.

Thanks it is one of my favs :slight_smile:

Yes, Home Inspector Pro has a separate Wind Mit app for iPad.