Win some great prizes: What questions do you ask incoming callers?

Is the home occupied? If not has it been winterized? (water and power required for inspection)

Are you a veteran?

Is this a private sale or is the home listed? (I always keep a copy of listing and if it is a private sale, i need to know where i can get it)

Will you be present at the inspection so we can discuss our finding at the home?

Is this a bank owned property? How long has it been vacant if it has been.

That should be enough for now. I keep thinking on it.

Do you have any additional questions for me, before i see you on ____?

If the client is booking - ask for the agent’s contact info.

What is your email address? who is your realtor? Are utilities all on? How will you pay for your inspection, cash, check, or charge?

Are all the utilities on?

Hi when did you sign the pre-purchase ?
How much time do we have to get right on this ?

When can we meet ?

How is the best way for me to help ?

Do you mind me showing you all the issues ?

Can I help you learn how to maintain everything ?

Would you like a free maintenance book nobody can buy in any store ?

Help you ,Help you ?

[Forget me and who cares about logos or my sheepskin at this point …]]]]]]]

Are you going to remodel as I will be happy to make suggestions ?

does it have a basement?
how many AC units?
does it have any outbuildings besides a shed?
is this a horse farm?
do you know of any remodeling that’s been done?

does your client understand and speak English or will you be present to help with that

Is price your only issue? I can give you the name of the $150 inspector.

Do you mind if I send you a sample report with your confirmation?

Now that is dang good idea! Thank you

I have Monday at 2 or Tuesday at 2 still open, which would work best for you?

how did you find me, friend, realtor, internet search…?

We take cash, check, credit, or can bill to escrow. If you won’t be there, would you like to pay for that now?

do you require a radon test? do you need radon information?

do you need an FHA or VA pest inspection? I con provide the form your lender will require.