Wina free Gold Package from Inspection Depot.

Do Chapter Meetings count as Event

Yes. I’ll fix press release to make that clear. Thanks.

At our Chicago chapter meeting in March I was fortunate to have won the Gold Package for the Virtual Inspector from Inspection Depot.
I was wondering who else out across the other chapters has won the “Gold Package” as a door prize from their chapter meetings and if they had any trouble getting it set-up or redeemed? Any problems? How is their Customer Service been for you?


I have just reviewed your registration information which took place after lunch today.

You registration is listed on our administrator module awaiting verification and approval. Once this is complete you will be approved accordingly.

Our office was for the most part was closed today, with only a handful of staff. Apologies for not getting back to you. I believe Catherine is taking care of your account and will be back on Monday, after the holidays.



With the holidays

Hey Michael,

I just tried to email you through the message board here but it won’t let me.

Thanks for your response, I appreciate it.(that’s good service) I wasn’t stating I had any major problems with my set-up. I was trying to get feedback from others in order to see what their experiences have been like.
I did however have some minor clitches (which I am confident will be resolved when someone gets back to the office). :slight_smile:

My registration took place around Breakfast, and as promised it was reviewed and I received an email stating such at 10:22am and it included my username & password. But, it stated that I was approved for the “Standard plus Package” and not the “Gold Package” as advertised, and that my card was billed $49.99:shock:.(I’m not worried since you don’t have that info:) ).
I called and was told to leave a voicemail and wait 'till monday.
That’s fine. I’m sure it was just a matter of typos or something and I know that kind of stuff happens.

I have had no prior dealings with your company and am curious from others how their experience with this has been.

Again, I tried to email my response to your post so not to have to post this here, but it seems you have requested that noone can email you from this MB.
I also tried sending a message through your web site and it seems the “Submit” button is a broken link. and your online support is also on “Holiday”.

I am looking forward to being able to use this product. I test drove the Demo and was very pleased with the features it offers.

Have a Happy Easter!

Hi Dan,
I think that we got everything sorted out. We were told you had won the Standard Plus Package, so that’s what I signed you up for. But no worries, I have signed you up for the Gold Package now that we have it all straightened out. Your credit card was never charged, we used ours, but you did receive an email saying thank you for signing up, etc. because we send that to all registrants. Sorry for the confusion. If you have any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to call us or email me. Congratulations again on winning, I hope you enjoy the ability and ease of online scheduling and management.

Catherine Demsky
Director of Corporate Relations
Virtual Inspector


Thank You very much! I appreciate your attentiveness, and it was over and above anything I had expected. I can’t wait to get the scheduler up on my site. It looks like a very good product. I am glad the account is all set up, and thank you for taking care of the small details today to get it all ready.

I still am curious from others on their experience with the Virtual Inspector, if they have tried it and if their experience with it has been positive.

Again Catherine & everyone else at Inspection Depot, Thank You! :slight_smile: