wind damage inspection techniques

Thank you for your attention and response. I am currently involved in an insurance claim dispute on a farm building approximately 75 to 100 years old. We had wind 80-90 mph during the storm, along with 2 Tornado’s within 5 miles of our place. I disagreed with the insurance company’s adjuster on repairs repair. The adjuster wanted to just lift the walls and slid it back on to the rock foundation. The contractor that I had give an estimate on the repairs indicated that the walls needed to be secure to the foundation (pinned down) and the repairs were not economically feasable.

The insurance company sent an engineer out here to inspect the building. He arrived 2 1/2 hours late from the schedule appointment at dusk. His inspection involved a limited look at the roof and inside structure, but more so at the sill plate. He was looking for discoloration and noted no discoloration and said that the building was not subject to movement by wind damage due to no discoloration variance on the bottom of the sill plate. The problem I have with this inspection, is that this building was obviously constructed with reclaimed material.

If your organization could provide me details on this type of inspection, it limitations, procedures and certifications it would be greatly appeicated. I have included detail pictures of the reclaimed inspection showing the variations of materials used for the construction of this building along with the engineer’s report. My question is, how can materials that were obiously naturally seasoned and reclaimed from another building (approx. 70-100 years ago) show discoloration variations. Also, if you could refer the names and contact information for NACHI certified wind damage inspections in northeast wisconsin, it would be greatly appreicated.

I do appreicate your interest and information.

John Hjella

(920) 427-6428

Sorry I could not upload the other documents. If interested in helping with your opinion, I will gladly forward the two reports. Thank you again all of NACHI for the assistance.