Wind generators

Has anyone done inspections on wind generators? I was contacted by a company in Kansas that wants me to inspect wind generators in Texas. Not that far from me so they called me to do it. It would consist of “resets” and inspecting why the turbine is not working etc.
What would be the charge for this type of inspection? This company owns thousands of turbine wind generators. Might become a lucrative deal.

Are they providing training?

Liability for inspecting these units are over the top. They are way up high, and are generally under OSHA rules and regulations. You will need cables, ropes, all kinds of safety equipment. Companies do not want the expense, or the liability.

Sounds like new and exciting territory.
Hope your not afraid of heights as this would be similar or perfect for guys that have done billboards and water tanks I would think.Too high up for me.

Get a scope of work and walk through it in your head times your hourly rate plus expenses and then add a little. Sounds like fun. Good luck and let us know

We have bid IR work on Wind turbines TX panhandle did not get the job they were looking for Joe low ball

Hey Mr Larson, They said they could and will provide the training for simple inspection. It would only be the base of the unit. The control panel in the unit is located in the base by the door. When the remote control will not work I think by internet. They need someone to go out and see why. Pay is good and I will pursue it further. With home inspections at a all time low, I need to find a “niche” that pays to be in business. I did ask about “it’s a long way up there”, but it’s all ground level stuff. “WHEW”:slight_smile:

Go for it Clint.

Just make sure you don’t take on any unnecessary liability.

I have discovered over the years that a little extra liability pays very well;-):wink:

Call my friend Bill, and see what he has to say. :smiley:

Thanks’ Brian. I will see what this company offers, as far as educational materials go. Then I will proceed with the next step in the evolution of “Going green”

Going green is just a term. If you save energy, the utilities will just raise rates and prices to compensate the loss of revenue. Even if everyone saved 30% energy, the utility companies would have to raise rates the same amount. They are in business to make money; not to lose it.

This is true. I blog about it on other forums for energy conservation.
I am a “energy auditor” and have been for over 20 years. The local electric company wants to raise rates 21%. “To cover costs with going green”, go figure.

On the other side of the coin… if you save energy, the utility may not have to look at building another billion dollar power plant and then really have to raise your rates to cover this cost.

I read an article in Home Energy or Energy Design Update, I believe, in which a rural co-operative POCO was able to serve more customers on their grid due to savings implemented by existing customers. That’s a win-win.

But what about all the lost jobs of thsoe who would have built that power plant? :wink:

“Green energy” is silly and a waste of resources until you can do it cheaper than conventional sources.

Maybe someday but we are not even close yet.

News alert. Just in the power company in New Mexico that wanted a 21% increase in their rates are now seeking a 12% increase. As demand drops and costs rise. We need to find a happy medium.

I think the going rate is $25 per…

…less travel.

The reality of “living off the grid” from someone who does.

Hey Doug, great post. “Going Green” never looked so good. The technology will get there. Hell we can send and keep people in space. I am certain we can harness the water, wind and solar. Just to mention a few of them.