"Wind & Hail Inspection and Roof Replacement" Video

This thread is dedicated exclusively for those students currently enrolled in the InterNACHI course titled, "Wind and Hail Inspection and Roof Replacement."
The student of this training video course will follow a master inspector as he performs a wind and hail inspection at a residential property. The roof and gutter system are torn off and replaced.

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Hi this is David from Harris home inspections I’m looking forward to participating in the Wind & Hail Inspection and Roof Replacemen course.

Hi everyone:
Great course. I have included a couple of pictures of ice and water shield being installed on a new home just prior to the shingles being installed.

Hi fellow students,

This photo shows a loose shingle which is allowing the roofing nails fastening the flashing to the roof deck to be exposed to moisture intrusion.
The flashing is around a chimney penetration on the downward slope side of the chimney.
My regret is I should have taken an additional photo from a distant view to more clearly illustrate the location.

The homeowner apparently took the insurance money and did not have shingles replaced after a hail storm hit the area. A few years later, this is the result of their negligence. At what cost now did they save that money when they are trying to sell?

The consumer targeted Roofing article gives the client a wide array of information. The importance of roof maintenance, an overview of roofing materials, and the detailed process of re-roofing make this article extremely helpful. Too many clients are intimidated by the process. This article will help alleviate those fears.

H-Clips for Inspectors is a brief article highlighting a balanced perspective of these clips. The article explains their purpose and the impact the lack of H-clips can have on a roof. There is wise instruction to the inspector concerning noting H-clips in one’s inspection report.

starting another course even though its not required

Roof and gutters and downspouts
Just a normal roof and downspouts, did not have the opportunity to find any under construction. The videos with this course were informative, particularly liked the use of ice and water underlayment at the valleys, around penetrations, and over existing flashing, even though it was not required.
First time I have seen a California valley.

I chose for my reading assignment “Doing damage on an inspection” and “Proving negligence”
On doing damage, I personally don’t worry too much. What happens…happens. Thats not an excuse to not be careful. I have put my foot through a ceiling while walking in an attic. The homeowner was understanding, but it was a pain to have repaired, oh well.
On “Proving negligence”. The article was informative. I didn’t even know what some of the terms were until reading it. I know that the home inspector is used as a scapegoat for deals that fall through. I will take every step I can to avoid being sued. I truly believe that my best defense is being thorough and a detailed report, with disclaimers for a specialist where applicable.
I plan to keep a record of how much time I spent on my inspections to show I was being thorough. Just in case I do end up in front of a judge.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. I sometimes wonder if the instructor reads these posts, I’ve taken about 20 courses and have never heard from an instructor with any comments. Other than that my education has been great and I am well on my way to becoming licensed and starting a new business.

I’m writing on Roofing Underlayment and Ice Dams since they go hand in hand. There is a line that the contractor has to abide by for installing Ice and water shield underlayment within the US. Some states it is not code, but is still wise to put the rubber membrane underlayment down to prevent issues in the future. Ice daming occurs when not enough heat can get to the eaves of the roof causing the eaves to freeze over. In return, the ice creates a blockade for the melting ice off the main roof to back underneath the shingles allowing the water to penetrate inside. This is why it is best to have a rubber membrane underlayment to prevent water from intruding into the home.

The attached image consists of an underlayment system with various issues. To start, the felt paper was not rolled out properly in a flattened fashion. The felt paper needs to be completely flat prior to installation of the metal tin tags. The second issue that this underlayment faced was rain. The moisture aided in the bubbling appearance of the felt. Lastly, there are two layers of felt, due to Florida Building Code 2014 for roof pitches 3/12 and below, causing even more moisture to be absorbed and resulting in a even more significant looking bubbling effect. Such underlayment will further result in wavy shingles once they are installed over it.

I am writing on the articles titled, “Fall-Arrests Systems” and “Drones and Inspections”. I chose these articles because they both discuss very helpful tools, for both roofers and inspectors, within the roofing industry. Fall-arrests systems are a safety tool used to prevent an individual from falling off of the roof. These harnesses are secured with an anchor directly installed into the roof decking. Drones (or UAS - “unmanned aircraft systems”) are a helpful tool when performing inspections on a roof. They allow the inspector to freely and safely navigate all areas of a roof while remaining on the ground. Both drone and UAS are efficient resources within the roofing industry.

This picture is of a couple hail hits that would be in my 10’ by 10’ text square, my ladder in the back ground is 3 feet above the roof line. These hail hits where 1-2 inch hail. :slight_smile:

The Photo that I uploaded was of the East slope of the house, this photo is of a test square a couple of the hits that were in the test square. My test square is 10’ by 10’ feet. As you can see in the back my ladder was 3 feet above the roof line. The hail here in the photo was 1-2 inch hail. There were 10 hits of hail on this slope. I am showing 4 hits of hail in this photo.


Well designed wind breakers are important for homeowners because they have many uses. It is important for windbreakers because it provides vegetation. It also stops wind storms and deflects noise. They are also important for agriculture. It is important not to plant large trees so pests can get onto your roof and enter your Attic.

" Home Inspectors as independent Business operators"

It is really important that home inspectors follow the code of conduct when they are inspecting homes. If you do not follow these guidelines a lot of thins can go wrong. It is important to follow the code of ethics because defective safety conditions can cause injuries and damage to properties.

The above photo shows hail damage sustained to a roof I inspected this past summer. The interesting point was, overall, the roof suffered only minor hail damage, but the insurance company still bought the seller a new roof. It turns out that the homes on either side of the residence had their roofs replaced earlier in the year. This circumstance factored in the company’s decision.

I read a couple of articles relating to hail damage to roofs which were beneficial, particularly, about the lack of uniform criteria to identify hail damage. This past summer was a bad year for hail and hail damage was easy to spot. There were a few times, however, where the adjuster, roofing contractor and inspector could not agree on what was and what was not damage caused by hail. This initially led to anxious buyers, sellers, and agents but fortunately consensus was finally reached to everyone’s satisfaction.

Here is a inspection of roof and gutter system. The gutters were in good shape. They did have debris to which I recommended they have them cleaned. The roof covering was in good shape.


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