wind inspection

If a home has a building Permit application date of april 2001 And completion date of november 2001 What box would you check 4 roof covering on an asphalt roof

hvhz-meets, outside hvhz-does not meet.

Sorry I should have put location. It was in loxahatchee I didn’t put does not meet customer is flipping out on me.

Its not your fault. Its just reality

This is just a quick suggestion, perhaps in order to not upset the Client, prior to the inspection being booked, it might be a good idea to get some of the information so as not to cause problems. If it is in palm beach, you might as well tell them that until things are changed, you aren’t going to get your discount, or you are going to have to ope the agent will accept proof from the roofer, do you still want the inspection?

I have people call me and after I talk with them and let them know that doing the wm isn’t going to help, they thank me.

I also tell people who call me that if they have certain things in their homes, they need to be corrected prior to doing the 4-point.
I am trying to make my job easier as well as make the customer happy.