Wind Mit, 4-point & Citizens Roof Cert forms available for free from John Shishilla.

Sorry I must have not change that before I sent it to Nick. Let me know if you notice anything else.

Here is an updated file:

When a few people have gone through it I will send Nick an update.

Don’t forget to put your license number and signature on the next version! ! :slight_smile:

OK…I laughed :slight_smile:


Won’t be the first time…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you John!

The real actual forms :slight_smile: No way…

I hope they have the sig also so I can starting guaranteeing discounts :slight_smile:

Thank You John!:cool:

Very gracious of you John.


You guys are welcome, it was about time.

Thank you John. Very nice of you.

Awesome, thank you John!

I like the ones with John’s name, no need to change it for me

John - thanks

I am unable to insert the “year built” under #1

Which form?

Got it added a text box with PDFill

Wind Mit - What about adding security after I input all the information?

Print it to PDF!

I fixed the file also.

Thanks John, good work, very kind of you.

Here is a trick if you don’t have Acrobat version 9 pro, but like me only have version 8 pro. Open the form and save it, then reopen it and Life Cycle will work and you can edit it yourself.

You should be able to **use **the forms with Acrobat Reader though