Wind-Mit / 4-Point COMBO - Quick & Efficient Writing Question

I’m using Spectacular to write my reports, and I cannot complain, as it’s a pretty good report writing program - also Aaron responds lightning fast to technical questions. Individual reports are easy because the pictures go directly into the report, once you set it up right. All good there.

But, I get frustrated when I do a Combo (WM & 4P done at the same time) Report, because it’s way too much work to go between the two reports and take photos. So, I end up taking all the elevation and roof photos into my phone. After that is done, I end up going between the two reports for the rest of the photos - it takes 15 clicks to get out of one report, go and change the report, and get back into the photos of the other report; way too much work, if you ask me. Of course, I use a certain strategy to try to aleviate the pain.

How do you guys work your Combo Inspections?

I also use Spectacular and have no complaints until now, big reason I like it so much is because of the service Aaron provides, hasn’t failed me. However I’ve never tried doing the four points and wind mit with spectacular. What I do is as I’m doing the inspection I also take the elevation pictures along with any other pictures I’m going to need to do the four point and wind mit and then when I get back to the office I do them separately using PowerPoint for the pictures and PDF filler for the reports. I usually have the full report ready that same night and then I usually send the combo the next morning. Takes me about 30 min to have combo ready.

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thanks for your response. I may give that a try.
If I’m doing a stand-alone Win Mit or 4 Point, Spectacular is pretty good. The photos can be edited to quite a degree and the report writing is easy. You can make Sections for the photos. For example: elevations & roof; HVAC and electrical; labels/permits/etc; roof connections; verified opening protection; unverified opening …; no opening protection…you get the idea. Also, the photos can be individually labeled with words and arrows, circles, etc

anyone else, ideas?

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An associate of mine uses PDF Expert to write his Combo reports. He’s able to take all the pics into one report. No need to take multiple pics of the elevations and roof. No need to copy and paste pics.