Wind Mit and 4 Pt. Fillable Forms

I was reading an old post about forms for wind mits and 4 points that you can fill online. I have pdf filler, but seems such a pain. Be nice to have one that could add necessary photos and form too. any recent additions?

I use inspector pro, you can load your pictures that are required.
What program do you use? I would think they all have it now.

I went to Axium Academy in Denver and use their software. It does not have wind mit or 4 point capability. Am thinking to switch now that I am in Florida. It is the same price. I like the program and the reports but inconvenient not to have those other capabilities. Are you happy with IP?

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Here is the Citizens 4 Point…

Citizens 4PT 2018.pdf (437.1 KB)

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Thanks Roy. This doesn’t seem to be fillable, at least from my phone. I have the forms, just looking for something to make the report easier. Takes too much time to do it all manually each time. Seriously thinking of switching software.

It is fillable on my PC.
In addition, I can’t see how anyone can do a wind mit in the field when you have to look up all sorts of info.

Just got back to my Mac and opens and works there, too. Thanks a lot. That will make the inspection easier. Is there a Wind Mitigation fillable that you use too?

Are you referring to me?

See attached…Just delete my info when filling out the forum…
1802-1ST PRO.pdf (304.2 KB)

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Thanks Roy, you’re the best! Took your info off and saved the blank. That will speed up the report writing part. Just moved here from Denver, where we don’t have many wind mits and 4 points! Am trying to decide if I should dump the Axium software and go
with IPro. So much hassle to have to carry a camera and a phone and alternate photos.

thanks again!




January 13
See attached…Just delete my info when filling out the forum…
1802-1ST PRO.pdf (304.2 KB)

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I don’t know what that is, but I’m a Florida Inspector. And I will help you out as best as I can.
PM me your phone number and I will try to call you later today…
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I see your number now…I’ll call you later…

Pleasure talking to you Kip…Call me if you need me…OK?

Same here. Thanks for the help!

Anytime brother. I wish you were closer. I need a ride along for Wednesday.

OK, I got the forms. PDFs. I can fill all the information out with no problem. When I try to add photos to the boxes, it will not take them. Can’t drag and drop or copy and paste. When I put cursor on the box and click, it shows the box, but when I release it disappears. Anybody have any clues? I have a Mac and the form is from a pc