Wind Mit. clip or toe nail?

Don’t forget the strap that DOES wrap but is nailed in reverse (1 in face, 2 in back). This is also a clip (ii). I really don’t understand why they feel this should be downgraded to a clip though. I’ve seen some older straps that are so long, the first nail hole is 5" above the bond beam and all of the nails on the back side…oh well.

Thought so.:mrgreen: He’s pretty easy to get riled up.

It gets the hits :slight_smile: all about the hits :slight_smile: Good for the forum and shows who the pusses are.

Hey Meeker,
I saw a google ad words thing the other evening that said Meeker industries is doing wind mits starting at $40.00
Since you want to pass some work up to me, are you going to want a cut? I mean its going to get tight splitting that 40 dollars up between us.

I give referrals free to members. “even you” For sure before the Tool :slight_smile: But by quoting that you just show your ignorance of the biz. One day I will explain it to all the fools. I have explained it to those I respect already. I cannot tell all the secretes because of guys like the Jackass that has copied everything I do down here.

If his marketing is such genius why, did he need financial help when he fell and why did a family member have to pay for his AR so you can protect his family?

Isn’t that marketing just bait and switch?

I’ve run into a few like these and just hate having to break the bad news to the owners. But, it is what it is…


Since I am no longer down “there”, I know I am not the jackass…that copied a failing business practice!

Your low price, upsell game is the oldest trick in the book. Maybe that is why you have to get paid cash before you start.

Can’t forget that, this is a common one on my area, they wrap over with no nail on the opposite inside. As long as it meets the two minimal categories, good enough for me and my clients.

Haven’t seen it in reverse yet. I have seen where two in the front wrapped and one on the reverse side, but that would make it single wrap. So one in the front and two on the opposite side would make a clip??

Yep, it’s not nailed according to the definition of a single wrap, so it reverts back to a strap with 3 nails - clip (ii)

Had to read that over again, so when I see it reversed clip(ii). Thanks Brad:mrgreen:

Here is an example of the reversed nailing.

Haven’t seen that yet, but now I know what to select when I come across it, thanks guys:D

Doing a wind mitigation right now here is an example of the plate. For those who hasn’t seen it yet.

Doing a wind mitigation right now, and quick question, is this strap too close to the edge of the block in the bond beam, its only toe nailed so no credit, but kinda curious I usually see them set back a little. Sorry if the picture is sideways.

Does not matter as far as I know.

Just checkin,:smiley:

Shouldn’t matter on the 1802. You won’t see this often, unless at an angle. That is a form and pour tie-beam and yes the straps should be at least 1" from the edge in the builder’s world.