wind mit digital signature form

Does anyone have a wind mit form that you can electronically sign?

John’s forms used with a fillable PDF app on most devices should work.


I use this. The tools along are worth the $20 and the tools I believe work with any PDF.
At one time I had the best acrobat and still use this as it is beyond easy, at least in my opinion.

I use an image of my signature

I do as well but on my tablet/pc the clients can sign the screen. It even makes the signature look a tad better than normal somehow?

I am not trying to put down John’s forms as he has helped a ton of people. It is just how I do it and love the system.

I use John S. forms on QPDF Notes, I signed the form with the pen option and saved it so it is on each time I bring the form up.

I use an image for mine out of convenience along with all the other stuff that is always there. The client gets to sign the form onsite I do not know if johns does. I imagine it depends on the computer.