Wind Mit features vs wind rating credits

The more I get into this area the more perplexed I become. If anyone has any thoughts or comments on this please respond…

From what I have been able to determine the OIR has a chart for windstorm premium credits (Section 627.0629(1) F.S.) which shows the credits for every combination of features that they deem relevent. These credits are to be used by all underwriters in the State.

Here’s the rub. The old 1802 form and the new 1802 form use the identical chart. All the extra effort to document or refine features in the new form does not appear to have any bearing on the credits being given.

Ancilliary proof of this is that the OIR mandate for use of the new form was immediate. How many insurance companies do you think would be able to amend their computer systems and train their agents at the drop of a hat? Answer is none. All they are doing is taking the answers from the new form and putting it into the old system.

In fact there is no pricing difference between frame, masonry or reinforced masonry construction. Gable bracing is not an issue. These issues may be of interest to an insurance company but the OIR does not appear to allow an underwriter to use these features in pricing of the windstorm premium credit.

Welcome to the wonderful world of insurance inspections. It doesn’t always make sense, it never adds-up and everyone looks at it differently, and that is just the fun part.

What did we all expect when you mix, homeowners, insurance people, government, committees, governmental offices and inspectors. It could not be any other way. :twisted:

there are subtle changes within the forms and credits available

The biggest difference is the flat roof and then the tile roof credit/no credit. Other than that it is only the definitions that have changed.

Discounts was not the intent or purpose of the new form. The insurance industry wanted the new form and worked closely with the OIR to develop the new form. Most knowledgeable people in the industry know what the true intent of the new form is for.

What does anyone care what the form is for. Your job is to go out and do the inspection and fill in the form correctly. No one should be mentioning discounts to any client. Collect your money and move on to the next one.