Wind Mit - Flat or Scaling Price?

Looking to find out a strategy how to price wind mits so there is some compensation for extra work.

For example, let’s say a house has three different opening protection systems (panels, tarps, windows) and you need to track down the missing labels of two of those. You spend an hour on the phone.

Do you have a system worked out so that you are compensated for that time?

The short answer is " No". Wind mit pricing is set by the bottom feeders (generally). You will need to be a “boutique” firm with a select clientele if you expect or want to receive professional compensation for anything in this business (whether it be the insurance inspection segment or home inspection segment). Don’t plan on making a living in this business using the bottom feeder strategy (low price) unless you plan to do extremely high volume. Even then, you will just think that you are living. In reality, you will just be enslaved. Merry Christmas.

Well, do the “bottom feeders” call the door manufacturer to get a compliance sticker? Will they print that sticker and mail it to the customer in case they need it? Because that sounds like “gold star wind mitigation” which could be priced higher… I guess this would not fly with agents but customer direct calls might benefit.