Wind Mit for Roof Only

If a homeowner has had a wind mitigation inspection performed in the past, but they just want to provide an update because they have just gotten a new roof - is there a way to simplify the wind mit inspection to just provide the updates regarding the roof inspection? Can the opening protection section(s) just be left blank or filled out generically in some way?

See attached… Just edit out my info.
Citizens Roof Certification 2018.pdf (238.9 KB)

Or this…

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That depends on what the overall goal is for the report. Faster just to update the 1802.

The Roof Cert can’t be used to verify Wind Mitigation features.

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understood the form 1802 seems to be the most appropriate. Would I need to get a copy of the existing 1802? or is there a way to fill out with just the roofing info and leave some sections blank?