Wind Mit Form Help needed.

Is there anyone available at the moment that can help me fill out this darn form. The mortgage company says they need it today.
The only thing that is applicable is roof to wall.
I’m doing this for my niece for free.
I’ve call Mike Meeker and John Shishilla and all I get is their voice mail.

Thanks Mr. Greg Bell for your help.
I really appreciate it.
If I can ever be of any help please feel free to give me a call.

God Bless
Roy Lewis

Call me anytime 561-420-0277

Your welcome Roy.

Sorry Roy. I did for the record call him as soon as I got the message from Colorado :slight_smile:

I sure am jealous of Nick now.

Way to go Greg. That’s what this MB should be ALL about, good on you, sir!

My direct cell is 321-626-8one5three