Wind Mit Help

Myself in conjunction with Preston Halstead and John Shishilla are devising ways to help the newer and maybe older inspectors who have questions about Wind Mitigation Inspections but are maybe too embarrassed to ask on the message board in case of getting slammed.

Preston and John have completed THOUSANDS of these inspections and are very knowledgeable.

With all that said we set up Post your questions here with photos and we will choose some of them to use in the ever so popular QUESTION of the day! You name WILL NOT be publicized.

This is for education purposes to maybe help those who have the same questions and to give a log of questions and answers available to those who may have to research something.

This is NOT a manned email address where you can ask a question and expect and answer within minutes. John and Preston run well established and hectic companies and are doing this as a way to help their fellow inspectors in the areas of wind mitigation.

So go to the email address above send your questions and photos and they will post here and answer them to the best of their ability. Question of the DAY…will try to be as often as their schedule will let them.

Any other ideas to help are welcomed

Nice. Maybe you can set up a thread Russ that reads just that (Wind MIT Question of the Day)? Great idea. Thanks.


No problem I love it when I come up with Ideas that John and Preston have to do!

Bert one reason for the email address was so people would not have to post on the message board and be worried about being attached. Send it to us and we will post and we will get feedback from others, give our opinons, and no body will ever know you asked the question.

Sounds awesome.

I believe you will get a great many using the service.
I have questions as well and often seek the counsel of others. I can take the heat here but I know a great many will not.

Great idea :slight_smile:

That is great and I hope a few others can help John and Preston on this. I suspect Michelle and Pilar probably know as much as they do! Of course, they are probably busier than the fellas.

Personally, I’m feeling good on the wind mits and the new form. I would appreciate a sounding board on roof certifications. Lately, I am slammed with these and they are becoming more crucial to the HO than wind mits. With wind mits it is a matter of insurance premium cost to the HO. With roof certs, its a matter of obtaining insurance period, at any cost. I have customers with $50k roofs and customers with $1k roofs (mobile homes) who are equally worried.

Anyone out there want to talk about roof certs?

Since the questions are anonymous, you could post them here with the answers. Also, if you like, send them to me and I can make a pdf of them and put them on my website with a link in my signature so the list could be updated weekly and the inspectors could use it as a reference.

Fantastic idea!! Thanks:D

Wow Great idea…Thanks