Wind mit investigated

Check out this news story about a wind mit, home inspector and roofer.

So typical with the missed nails, little good the bldg. Code does

They should provide some photos so we can see how bad it is

We definitely need to follow up on the results of the Hearing on April 15th. I would love to know all the people that he is going to blame for this error.

An engineer did a lift test on this roof and determined it did not have the required PSI. I know the inspector involved. The roofing contractor is the one being blamed for the error. Keep in mind the city is held harmless. Maybe this will help to change the way inspections are done. The inspectors should be looking into the attics.

Dennis - its not the building code. Its the installer and the inspection process. It happens all too often. Perhaps it opend up an opportunity for home inspectors.

I have been complaining about this for 10 years…

And, if you ask the inspector to look in the attic, they will.

I actually see that quite a bit and alert the owner. That roofer should fire his nail gun guy and hire Foam Seal to fix the problem.

I know its not the code, per say, its the poor installation and no roof deck inspection. we have been seeing this for years. there are plenty of missed nail pics posted here. I call it out at least once a day. insurance and hi

…things they are a changin’

The better educated inspectors get, and this inspector is a FABI guy, the better educated homeowners get. Like I have always said, “monkey see monkey do” only works until someone who actually knows what they are doing comes behind you, then all hell breaks loose.

Keep hanging onto that silly notion of “the city signed it off, it has to meet code”…

Good point Brad!

How do you know if the tin tag was done properly? Please tell me so I can learn.

Being a “wind mitigation specialist” and General Contractor, it really surprises me I have to explain this to you. How is it one can be a specialist and know absolutely nothing about roofing systems and there components?

…you can see the tin tag nails, you know (or should know) the roof nail patterns for shingle and tile. You can also see the cap sheet head lap nails. those other nails are the tin tag nails, and if they don’t show through, it is done wrong. You can measure them easier than the sheathing nails because they are visible.