Wind Mit Job

If anybody wants to do a Wind Mit Job in Citrus County, Call Ryan at Allstate. 305-639-2777.
He is waiting for someone who can do that job for him to call him. Any takers?

PS… Tell him I told you to call, I just talked to him a few min ago.

I reached Ryan, and when I told him $150.00 I got the same old song “but me other guy does it for $75.00” but he said he would put it in front of the client and see what happens.

OK, he told me he was looking for a price around 125, and that was the best offer he had. I told him I wouldn’t do it for less than that myself but it is too far from me and I would try to get another NACHI inspector to call him.

They called me earlier but never asked the price. They were out of the area and I knew no one in Citrus. Good luck.

Don’t you think stuff like this should be posted in Members Only?

I would like to see a Florida Members Only Thread

You could always post in the Florida insurance inspectors group. Only members can see it.

Yes… it should have been in a members only area, you’re right. My bad! I will do that in the future if something comes up. Just trying to help somebody out, keep it in the family!

I don’t see anything wrong with your original post, its just that the conversation escalated to include talking about specific fees – that carries the potential for outside viewers to stir the pot.

That’s true, but there are lots of members that are not inspectors on here anyway. Members that have been trying to recruit us to do inspections for them. I got a call from one this morning. All they have to do is join to get on the message board, and they can see all.

I agree, its probably best for posters to keep privledged info private by using e-mail to discuss certain details that others need not know. Its a fine line that each person should evaluate before posting.


Where is that forum? I can’t find it.

Thanks Greg. BTW, A realtor that I work with might need an inspection next week but I will be out of town. I told her to call you if she needs it before I get back.