Wind Mit Longwood Area (Near Orlando)

Good afternoon guys. I have an agent that is looking for an inspector to complete a wind mitigation inspection in Longwood. Thats a bit far for me so if you are interested please shoot me a PM and I will give you the agents contact info.



I’ll be at the wine and food festival at Disney this weekend. When do they need it?

Eric, I did that many years ago. It should be some fun. Buy some hang over helper or something if you will be trying wines from each country.

I was tore up but think I had fun :slight_smile:

Good afternoon Eric,

Mr. Greg Bell messaged me first so I forwarded the info on to him. I appreciate the offer. By the way you wouldnt want to ruin all that fun by having to work!

Thanks again


We do it every year for the last six or seven years. I was going to run in the 1/2 marathon, but I tore my calf muscle earlier during the year, so, I’ll just have to sample the goods! :slight_smile: