Wind Mit on 1941 home

I did home inspection with a wind mit on a 1941 home just recently. the roof was replaced in 2005 found permit for this however when looking at the attic i found most of it to be old plank tongue and grove and no visible clips.However upon further investigation i was able to locate several clips. Is it safe to say that all beams are clipped ? Unable to verify all beams have clips due to not being able to see or reach them.Any thoughts? Do i modify my first report from no clips to clips ?:shock:

Are you asking about Roof to Wall Attachment?

If you find even one missing clip, you have to check toe nail. Wind Mitigation is about the weakest point, not keep hunting till you find something. Built in 1941, most likely had nothing unless someone adding clips later.

If you see one that is missing or wrong it is not anything but the equivalent of toenail.
Based on the 1802 form.