Wind mit on 2 homes on one property

Hi guys; I have a home with a totality separate guest house (basically two homes on one lot). The main house was built in the 1990 and the guest house in 2001 Both are listed as one address and both are taxed as one property. The guest house only has bedrooms and baths; no kitchen. The garage for the homes is attached to the guest house. Do I need to do a separate wind mit report for each structure? If not; how would you prepare the report for the both? I’m suspecting two reports; one for each but want to hear back from one of you. Thanks, Mike

One wind report for each building. You do not combine two buildings on one wind mitigation report. Check with the insurance agent on the guest house, as they usually don’t get a wind mitigation on the policy.

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Brad, thanks. I’ll do that.

Brad knows! Yep!