Wind Mit on a Modular Home

Unless something has changed there are no discounts for mobile homes available. Besides good luck taking the required photos of the roof deck attachments and strapping. You are lucky if the damn thing stands up to the 60 MPH on the highway on the trip to the lot.

I have never done one on a mobile home, but have done them on modular homes. Proving that it meets a code is problematic. A roof installed with a permit may be acceptable.

Modular homes are what I’m talking about. Brian has asked my next question. How do you get photos of straps and deck? Removing the soffit is pretty evasive.

I have removed and have had the owner remove the soffit. You do what you can do.

I’ve never had an issue accessing the attic on a modular home. They are basically just stick built homes trucked in in sections and should meet all of the local building codes in place at the time of construction.

If the roof is strapped properly on a manufactured home, it will probably be there after the walls collapse at 75 mph. ;-):D:D:D