Wind Mit Opportunity

I talked to three insulation companies this morning. Tampa, Ft. Myer and Lake worth areas. They all are interested in offering this service in their proposals.
New homes and remodeled homes that choose to use spray foam will no longer be able to prove their various connections once sprayed.
Adding historical data pictures and a current wind mit will forever offer proof of their credits.
This is happening around here very frequently. On the new homes the word is slowly getting around (By a few saved owners) but not by the others.
Neither the builder, insulation company nor owners are aware of this.
It is a win-win for all involved.
I believe it would be a good idea to send emails to builders of new and remodeled homes as well as any insulation company that installs spray insluation.
Thought this might be of some use.

Great Idea!

But I don’t wanna do them anymore :slight_smile:

Good luck to whoever tries it :slight_smile:

Good idea, they just have to get licensed. I wouldn’t trust anyone else’s “Historical Data Pictures”, lol. I can see it now, builder gets 1 set of pictures to use for every home and it spreads throughout all the insurance companies, but it has OUR signatures on the reports.

I KNOW folks are using one set of pictures for whole developments.

I hope some day they pay for it but I doubt they ever will.

What makes you believe that an insurance company will accept 5 year old photos when the homeowner changes carriers down the road? The original wind mit is only viable for 5 years. If you offer a current dated wind mit with 5 year old photos I would think that would technically constitute fraud.
Not that I believe this whole wind mit fiasco is going to be in place that long.

I agree that will be THEIR position.

When the spray foam guys do their thing, they should just be made aware to leave a few areas visible at the roof to wall connection.

For the nailing pattern, the Mighty MT-6 can see through anything! A half inch or so of foam insulation shouldn’t pose a problem… :mrgreen:

Unless it is over the temp limit for accurate readings :slight_smile:

I would agree on shielding a few connectors before spraying, but good luck on trying to find a shiner to measure.

Getting the WM done before the insulation is installed should be presented as an option for the owner, but will only be good for that WM.

They should be leaving a gap where the soffit vents which is a good place to see the roof to wall connection.

I, as always, have a solution for the elusive shiner. Just go on the roof near the attic hatch, if it is a tile roof remove a tile or two, take an 8D nail and drive it right next to the truss, bull it over and put the tile back. Do the same thing with a shingle roof…it will be even easier! You may want to do two or three…just for good measure!

Then make sure there is a big arrow pointing to the shiner and 8D written next to it! :mrgreen: Don’t sprayfoam over that one because it proves conclusively, that the entire roof was nailed using 8D nails! :smiley:

Now that’s some funny stuff right there …and don’t forget you get to all of this for the client for a whopping $ 60.:shock::shock:

Junior will do it for $39.95…Call BR-549 and ask for Junior! :mrgreen:

Very True

We have several clients that foamed in their attic. We get them to create a wind mit access door in the soffit for current and future inspections. We find an area with a shinner and expose 3-4 truss points. Problem solved.

As for the insulation guys its a good idea. We have spoke with a couple over the years, but have never gotten a call.