Wind Mit ques

If the house was built in 2005 do I still need a permit date under #2

You never need a permit.

You may choose to verify that the roof passed a final inspection.

Ok I’ll tell ya,

Just put 2005 for date. It hase never not worked for me. Good Luck. :slight_smile:

Chris - Nah… :slight_smile:

Thats what I thought Thanks

The house had sanibel straps that have a double strap uplift should I note that or is it up to the underwriter to know that?

You can put in your notes Sanibel Strap… but I wouldn’t say much else. You will confuse them.

OK Thanks

Send it over if you want me to check it… I have about another 30 mins at my computer

I have to go get it signed. What I really need to figure out is once I print the pages, get them signed, scan them back in how do I put it back with the pics?

I installed the pdf writer and did that just can’t get the two files back togeather.

Will PDF writer convert JPG’s to PDF? I don’t even know… otherwise… you will scan in the pdf… and then send the pictures as separate JPG’s either attached to the pdf or in the email.
Hope that helps.

What do you mean you have to go get it signed?

Yes, I was wondering about that myself?..

He needed his signature and stuff. I talked to him on the phone and believe all is well now.

He needed whose sig?

The inspector’s sig should be on the template.

I just got the temp. so its not on there yet.