wind mit question 2

I did a wind mit on a 1975 house with a newer roof but no supporting documentation of when it was installed. It seems to me that the answer would be “D” due to no supporting documentation for A or B… And when you reference the top of the page “NOTE” that you have to provide documentation of validation, I think D is the only option… Or can I select B and use a estimated date after 1997?

2. Roof covering (end of sentence)… OR indicate that no information was available to verify compliance for roof covering"

In this situation I selected D and my clients insurance agent wants to know why I didn’t select A or B. We are talking this afternoon and I could use some inputs if I have read this wrong.

Explain to your client that without any supporting documentation, you can write anything you want, but it won’t matter later on when the report is reviewed.

I would suggest you obtain the documentation prior to doing the inspection as part of your prep for the inspection. Or, have the client do it.

Look at the permitting office to see if a permit was finalized.

Both of the above are correct. Boils down to proof or not with me. Our opinions do not mean crap.

The insurance agent called and said to mark “A” and where the permit date goes put 2009 “estimated”. I said, “really”? “The form seems pretty clear that I need documentation to verify”… He said he has seen it done this way before and make it through underwriting… I said, I would gladly do as directed… All he needed to do was send me the guidance in an e-mail and CC his underwriters and I would make the changes…

He said, “Maybe we should leave it as is”…

Must be the same guy who said to add the second story roof perimeter to the 1st story roof perimeter then use that as the number to be divided into the non-hip feature measurement. :mrgreen:

Did you do a permit search for this property??? And, you are correct, you can not put anything on the 1802 that is “estimated”…needs to be properly verified by a governmental AHJ or photos.

Do not change the report. The client cannot qualify w/out documentation.
Tell the Insurance agent to put his own inspector’s license number on it and mark whatever he/she wants.

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