Wind Mit Question 5

Can you please tell me what you would mark for question 5. Is it non hip or flat. Trying to settle a debate.

A house that has 2500 sq feet under roof and has gable ends, and has a 10’ x 15’ flat roof over the screen porch that is attached to the structure.

Based on your info, non-hip

The little disclaimer is where the confusion lies here. “Porches or carports that are attached only to the facia or wall of the host structure and not structurally connected to the main roof system are NOT CONSIDERED in the roof geometry determination.” The screenporch is typically not structural - I wouldn’t want to depend on a screen porch to hold up any structural elements at my house!:smiley:

Choose “B” Non Hip Roof


Thank you, the insurance person person that is debating this tried to say that any flat roof of 10’x10’ or greater that is attached to the roof structure makes it fall under flat roof.

My take is that it would be a flat roof. Unless the flat roof is attached to a ledger board below the main roof, and in theory could be torn off without compromising the rest of the roof. If there is no visible step down to the flat roof it is part of the main roof.

Or…if the moon lines up with Venus in the third house and the home faces the Northwest, has a picket fence than it becomes something else. What a frigging joke Wind Mitigation inspections have become.

and it seems like some want to remove all requirements for being able to do them.

Yep. As far as I know that’s the correct answer

A lot of people tend to misunderstand or ignore the second part of the Roof Geometry “Flat roof” argument. There is not a period after the 100 sq ft there is an “or”, so you have to weigh both parts of the argument and use which ever is greater.

The greater than 10 X 10 or 100 square feet is the (structually attached porch or any living area) flat roof shape trigger point for a home with a 1000 square foot roof area or less.

The trigger point for a home with more than 1000 sq ft of roof area is “greater than 10% of the total roof area”.

Therefore 10% of 2500 is 250 and 250 is greater than 100 so 250 is the trigger point for a flat roof on a home with a 2500 sq ft roof area.

I suggest introducing the agent to the second part of the argument.

sounds like a gabled roof to me

Gabled roof is not an option on the wind mit.