Wind Mit Question - Attic Photos Only

Hey everyone.

Been a lurker for a while but thought I’d ask a question…

Does anyone see a problem (or potential problem) with ONLY taking the appropriate attic photos relating to questions 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8 of the new UMVI form for purposes of substantiating a UMVI completed on the old form? So basically, the inspector would take attic photos, place them on a photo sheet and submit them to the insurance agent. The agent would then send the current photos along with the old UMVI form to Citizens (or another insurance company) to be processed. The inspector would not see the old UMVI form (and would not care). The homeowner would be made aware that the photos could result in changes to their premiums and/or if the new photos/old UMVI form is rejected, an entirely new wind mit inspection would be required.

Thanks for any input.

You can surely add photos to an old inspection you did. I would not fill out an old form now.

Thanks, Mike. I agree with you.

I should have mentioned…what if the old UMVI form is not yours. So, an old UMVI form from another inspection company and your new photos. The photos might match the old form and they might not. Almost like a reinspection without the new UMVI form.

I would take the job to do the photos but would not attach it to anything myself.

Take the pictures with date & time , take the money, attach it to nothing you did not do !

The requirement of photos were not the only change in the form. there are substantial calculation changes in determining roof geometry as well as other changes.
there is almost no chance an insurance company will accept the old form with or without the photos.
Of course they can if they want to but why would they unless it was a policy that was already in affect.
by the way, what is it that they are trying to accomplish by using the old form? is it the fee for the inspection or the fact that they would be losing credits based on the new form requirements?

I agree with keeping the photo sheet and old UMVI form separate. I wouldn’t ever attach my photos to someone else’s work.

It’s probably a bit of both. This request came from an agent on behalf of a homeowner who had a UMVI from 2008. The agent is just requesting attic photos to pass along to Citizens. It’s an uncommon request which is why I started this post. Unless there is a good reason not to, I don’t mind taking photos only and calling it a day as long as all parties knows that if/when Citizens decides to reject it and require a completely new UMVI form that there would be additional charges if we were to do the full inspection.

Thanks for the replies.

You cannot alter a report done by another inspector for any reason.

Yes, +1

Agree 100% Dennis and Joseph. This would not alter any inspection report that was done before. The new photos would be compared to the old UMVI form but nothing would be altered on the old form at all. The inspector would not even see the old form. Kind of like a partial reinspection without the inspection report (photos only).

Document the process so as not to be accused of any fraudulent activities. maybe even have a date stamp on the photos.