Wind mit Question


There are roughly 5-10 different types of extrusions used for accordion type shutters as most of the extruded material gets shipped into the country by overseas manufacturer’s. It’s common for one manufacturer to be very similar to another as they may be using the same extruded material with different hardware. It’s been 6 years since I was involved with testing and manufacturing of hurricane products and a lot has changed, if you can photo document the extruded material sometimes it can be identified by the manufacturer after the label has been taken off.
But, no tickie no laundry…If it’s a permitted installation the AHJ will have the documentation and NOA on file. If it’s not a permitted installation, sorry charlie. Remember, you’re not there to give credits, you’re there to document and verify.

Thanks Robert. I’ll dig deeper and see if there is a permit associated with the installation.


Hey Bert…
Found an ally I hope. International Hurricane Protection Association
They say it’s a Rollingshield RS1 NOA # 11-1227.04
I’m sure you still need verification from rollingshield though.