wind mit question

All windows in the house are impact rated. Permits go back to 2004. Not one window in the home was functional. One fell out of the track when opening. Some would not open. And somw would not stay open - slams shut. How would you guys write that up on a wind mitgation? Would list them as in compliance as being impact rated with the knowledge that they might not hold up during a hurricane?

Not your job on a wind mitigation, I get what your saying. I would still register them as hurricane impact as per what the windows stated. If you did a home inspection, I would place those items on that report. But as per a wind mitigation we don’t test windows.

If you fill out more that the form asks for you are only causing problems.

If you do the exact same thing every time and just answer the questions then you can always say I tried my best and answered each question as I understood it.

Just because the balancers are shot doesn’t mean the window will not perform as intended when shut and locked. Windows are not functionally tested on a wind mit. Those issues get written up on a home inspection report. Just to be fair though, I have denied full opening credit for incorrectly installed or loose storm panel tracks.

As was said in another thread, answer the questions asked…

Let me understand this. These windows were not installed properly event though they were permitted. I was able to prove this at the bathroom window easily. My inspection rpeort says that they are not installed properly. I was asked to do the report along with the wind mitigtion. So you guys are saying that, regardless of how the windows were installed, and the fact that the inspection report shows improper installation, that you would just ‘answer the question’ on the 1802 that they are impact rated so the insurance company will issue a credit on their premium.

What happens if a hurricne comes and there is a problem with the windows and the insurance company decides to look into it and asks for all of the reports. Now they have two conflicting reports, one that said the windows were improperly installed and one that says they qualify for impact rating credits. Anyone see a problem here?

You mean a problem like when every other nail that missed the truss used for re-nailing a roof deck are used to verify roof deck nailing? :wink:

The form doesn’t ask how it is installed.
Now, if the windows were laying on the ground…:mrgreen:

You could call them not rated. You can put too many missed nails under the other section.

So, how they are installed, or even if they are installed is not an issue. As they were impact windows you guys would accept them? Is that what I am hearing?

Because if they are not installed correctly, per the NOA, then they do not meet the impact rating because the impact rating assumes and requires a specific installation and conditions they were tested under, so they might as well be laying on the garage floor?

For what has to be the 5th time, the form doesn’t ask that.
The insurance companies accept “shiners” aka blatant code violations, as proof of deck renailing. In fact, they demand it.

The whole wind mit inspection is a sham anyway as if you were to do it properly, all shutters should be installed at the time of inspection,all possible code issues should be mentioned, etc.

But that isn’t what the insurance companies really want. What the do want, is someone to take the fall when something goes wrong. Care to take a guess as to who that might be?

I fill out the form as best I can answering the questions posed. I also protect myself the best ways possible which in some instances, may mean a 500 dollar quote for a wind mit.

The form is a loaded gun liability wise. Many don’t see that, but in the future, I would bet as more lawsuits are brought, the thinking of some may change.

And Jeff, I know where you are going with this…it isn’t there yet, but in a couple of years, I suspect it will be. What will that be?

The 4-point is almost a home inspection.
The wind mit will become a code inspection.

To each his own…I am going camping this weekend for my sons 7th birthday.
Hopefully, the rest of you will enjoy your weekends…

Are you a code inspector? If not, then you are not qualified to determine if the product is installed to manufacturer’s recommendations, i.e, product approval. Are you going to back out a frame screw to see if it’s long enough?? I will agree that if you notice a blatant installation error, then you do have the power to select “N” on the 1802 if you like. That is my suggestion.

are you seeking advice? or is this a hypothetical debate? If , in your opinion, they are not functioning as intended, then you should call them not rated. Just like too many missed nails should be called “other”, or non functional “rolldown” shutters, should be not rated. You can do a reinspection when they are repaired or replaced.

That was the scenario from my inspection yesterday. I was just curious how you all would write up something like that on the 1802. My report shows defective windows and possibly not installed to the NOA, based on escessive caulking around the wondows. If my inspection report shows one thing, can the 1802 show something different? If something goes wrong all of my reports will be subpoened. How could I defend myself in a case like that?

what did you put? not rated?

I told him I would not write the report, as I would put their condition into the reprot. He hasnt made up his mind yet whether or not he is going to buy the home. If he does he will call the insruance agent for a $75 inspector that passes everything.

Good move

I have asked a couple(new guys) here why they pose such questions and take jabs but “they” have yet to answer.