Wind Mit reports w/pix software?

What can I use in order to send the signed wind mit and pix (with captions) as an email attachment? (all in one) I have the populatable form but don’t know how to add pages for my pix…'preciate your imput!

Use Microsoft word office to create a 'template with the size pics you want. Usually 6 per page. Click on a pic, use the change picture option and load the new picture in replacement of the template pic. When you have all the pics for the inspection on the word doc, print it as a PDF doc.

Lastly, Using Adobe Acrobat, load the pic doc into your pdf wind mit. Now, you have one document in a pdf format with 1802 and all pictures…The precedure sounds complicated, but it’s not and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and send out the total document.

Thanks…I’ll try it!

To make a click to insert picture with Adobe Acrobat you need Livecycle also. Several software companies make programs and forms. If you need help or want to buy one send me a message. I hope that helps

FYI…in order to include your signature on the free wind mit download software,you have to click on the signature line…opening a browser…and copy your signature from a file you have (or just made)…leaving only the problem of the little initial box in the corner…do you think it’s a problem if you type in your intials??


Give John a call or send him an email. He can get you all set with what you need and no messing around doing it half ***. Trust me, talking to John is the way to go.

For a small fee, you can use AllInspections. They have Android software, but also can go to their website Makes it alot quicker not having to load pics into word and then combine pdf forms, etc. Just depends on if you don’t mind the fee portion of it.

The guys at Allinspections have a great system and are a good group of people. All depends on what you prefer. John Shishilla can set you up so you don’t have to convert from word to pdf. Picture pages are all ready attached to pdf and all you do is point and click to insert picture

This was done in Adobe 9 Pro. It takes me 15 minutes to do the wind mit. Sample

The good thing about Adobe is that you can add pages if needed or remove them in some instances.
The original template I got from John, just the first four pages. Then, I added the picture pages, six of those, the state law, my certificate and the whole thing is one document.