Wind mit roof question

Since this Deck is not structurally attached to the main roof…do you count it towards the overall roof dimensions.

Thanx in advance…

roof deck.jpg

If over heated space, I would say yes.

I would agree with Richard, except for the heated space. I would call it living space. If a patio is not used as living space(heated/cooled), can be closed to the home by an exterior door and is not structurally attached, then I would not count it.

Great example, thanks for posting.

i would count it too

Yes, if it is over living space and greater than 10% of the total roof area.

Thank you…Would the new form change this designation in any way…it’s over 10%

it is a flat roof which appears to be >10% of the total roof area

Under the proposed changes it would be a ‘Other Roof’ shape, IF the perimeter of the flat is greater than 10% of perimeter.