Wind mit roof question

I have an inspection tomorrow on a villa/condo type home. How much of the roof do I need to measure. I am doing this for a home owner that owns 1 out of the 4 units. Do I measure all the way around the 4 units or just his one section?

All of it.

Okay thank you. Just curious also, he has storm panels for his section that he owns, just wondering since the other units are connected do they also need storm panels for him to get the credit or just his unit?

Treat it as one structure. If any part of the structure is breached, will your clients section also be breached?

Roof geometry would be the entire roof (looks like a dutch hip). Opening protection is only for the insured unit.

I think it is interesting that there are dual answers to the question. It just goes to show how much confusion there is out there.