Wind Mit Saving %

I thought I have seen the chart of savings for wind mit credit(s) ? Does anyone of a copy?? or know where it can be found?

As a sample- Percent of savings for clips vs single wrap?
Roof deck?


Look inside your policy package. Should be right behind DEC page.

Pages 7-13 on link below. If you’re attempting to quote individuals on exact percentages of savings…don’t, it’s calculated via computer using the credit tables in the link handed down by the OIR.

I do not attempt to tell people what they may get. Why disappoint them or get them pissed at you. You never know what the idiots at the insurance companies will do.

Kind of like cost to cure or repair or replace things to me. Not my job to guess what they may or may not do.

What do you have to gain by putting your reputation on the line ?

I wonder if they ever changed that FBC compliance date in their guide (Jan 1, 2002). I have seen this before but thought it was pretty confusing to use the charts.

The percentage rate ranges are in all homeowner policies like John said.

Why should any of you be concerned with that info that may or may not be accurate for their individual companies?

Just wondering the reasoning? I can guess at the comments I’ll here but I’ll wait to see if I am right or just paranoid.

I tell you all if I am right in my thoughts of the opinions to be voiced or not.

Really :slight_smile:

Because our clients may want to know this stuff if they ask. You can do whatever you want.

Yeah but you DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEIR COMPANY WILL DO. You are guessing or assuming. You can do that if you choose.

I choose to try to be as accurate as possible and tell them to ask their agents those questions. Just my 2 Cents.

I know many here do not like to say they do not know and would rather guess at what another company will do rather than admit that they do not know but me I have no problem telling folks I have no I dea what their insurance companies will do t=with the info I provide.

I can guess but normally choose to advise them to ask those who KNOW…Theoir agents…Well they should at least :slight_smile:

I agree.

I’ll scan mine in from Tower Hill later today.

Completely… Agree… I have no intension in ever telling a client their savings… I was just curious for my self as a business owner… Insurance requirements are moving target. This guys for feedback! As this form is always a great resource!

With who? :smiley: