Wind Mit Scenario # 15

How do you treat shingle roof-overs in regards to question #2?

As long as it meets code( a permit was pulled).

FBC 2001 1521.17 Asphaltic shingle assemblies may be applied over
one existing layer of asphaltic shingles having not more than
1/8-inch (3.2 mm) difference in level in the existing shingle

I am by no means endorsing it

If it received a final roofing inspection that passed then you are good to go.

Haven’t actually run across one that has been permitted yet - but thought I’d seek opinions

There are lots out there without permits. Make sure you see it passed and they do not just show you an application.

Nah - I verify all permits with the local juristiction

Problem is that no jurisdiction should be approving any roof overs. The 2007 roofing code revisions require changes in deck atachments and underlayment that would prohibit any roof over from being acceptable.

The only approved permit that I have run across (and I did not do a wind mit there) was from 2003.

We were talking 2001 code; re-nailing was not required until 2007

If the homeowner chooses to re-roof over the existing roof covering do they still have to comply with these new regulations. Based on the definition of Roof Replacement as contained in the Florida Building Code, installation of a new roof covering over an existing roof covering without removing the existing roof covering does not constitute a roof replacement, which is the trigger that initiates the new roofing regulations.

In reference to the Form, it does not ask when it was final just when it was applied for. So technically you can have an open permit and still qualify on the form.