Wind Mit Scenario

Asphalt shingle roof with roof permit date of 12/2001. What do you record as the predominant roof covering?

what county?

Most likely D if it is in you area.

Any permit in Brevard up to 2/28/2002 is D. I had one the other day way 2/21/2002:twisted:

This is for question 2, Predominant Roof Covering…same answer? I think so, but wanted to double check.

Miss by a hair and you miss by a mile.

Sorry then it is B, all else being the same

I would put B.

It is hard to disagree with Mr. Mit though. “Mr. Mit =a term of respect”

C would have the same effect to the home owner.


It is Saturday, I am not working… It is either A, B, C, D or E :wink:

Did that say C earlier or am I finally losing it?

“C” ??? I didn’t see any “C” :twisted:

It was “B” the entire time … :wink:


Well time to get ready to take my little one Duck Hunting.

We have no permit and will try to get into a STA on standby.

Thanks everyone! Enjoy another beautiful weekend in Florida!

Well if your Duck hunting without the permit then the answer is “B”. ha ha

It is a special permit we tried to get online but you can head out to the spot and wait and hope others do not show. We got in and had a great hunt. To bad I lost my phone and waterproof camera and did not even know until I got home.

I guess I will be going on a Nature Cruise tomorrow afternoon.

You are in Satilite Beach - because of delays to necessary code aqpplication - most likely any roof installed before 2003 will not meeet required 2002 ASTM standards.