Wind mit Scenerio #12 see picutures

Are these properly blocked for a wind mit? All, some or none?


Good question.

It looks like some of them would still have the hinge effect in high winds.

But I would say that they are acceptable as far as the form is concerned.

I agree with Greg.

I would say that they are acceptable as far as the form is concerned.

I wonder if a County inspecter made them do it because of the distance of the straps from the trusses?

I vote None, the blocking should go to and follow the roof deck.

I agree but would be curious to see the results of a lift test on this compared to a perfect strap attachment. I bet there would be little to no difference in force required to cause a failure. This is a good one to ponder.

Curious of the nail that are used, do they go through the block into the truss? or are they independently nailed to the truss?

The blocks did not look independently attached

That would make a difference too. 1st photo does not meet code reqs too far for blocking. 3nd photo the blocking would be OK if the framer didn’t bend the strap to contour it around the blocking creating a hinge. I think #2 is probably OK even though the wood split. #4 qualifys as a clip. I still think they would all perform well under stress.

I just performed a CHI on a 2.6M home in our area (Water front/Gulf)\:D/. This particular house was built 2006 has metal roof (hip), no attic access, has high wind rated windows and doors, high rated wind garage doors. The house is an excellent condition. This is a foreclosure and no plans are available. The bank has no information on this house. I have performed other CHI in this particular area and for the most part the attic insulation is spray foam.

The question is: How will I address the roof (clips, straps, etc, etc…) in the W/M form when they cannot be seen??? :roll:

#3 g. #4h. Nobody said life was fair.

The whole hinge effect thing is in referance to wind pressure against a gable which this is not. I would say the blocking is correct (even though it could be better) and call it strapped.

Wind Mitigation, yes, no, I do not know, come on it is a inspection why doesn’t everyone just stop doing them and request that a free seminar be offered on this subject and explain what is needed to complete this inspection. They made a mountain out of a mole hill on this matter. Some Inspectors are asking questions and are getting I think it should be called this but it could be called other. Isn’t it about time we all demand to have someone set the ruling on this subject so the inspection can be completed correctly and not to have some poor inspector liable for something everyone is guessing at. We all know when a catastrophe happens the fault will role down hill and guess who will be liable.


The OIR needs to take responsibility for these matters but they never will. They need to have a telephone number and website where inspectors can ask questions and get quick results but it will never never happen because they will not accept any liability and only want to push it on us. Good luck to us all if a disaster ever happens. The only thing is if disaster ever does happen the small guy will be last on the list of those who are sued. The guys and companies with the deep pockets will be attacked first.

Mike, absolutely!!!
I have a good friend who is a judge His words are be-careful it is good now, until something happens.

I would say E “other”: “Blocking for single wrap does not go to roof deck.” Yorks training guide shows a picture of this and shows the filler block going to the roof deck and says " filler block installed so the strap is straight up and down and load from the truss is properly transferred to the strap"