Wind mit Scenerio #16

What company requires a sketch of the roof when giving a Hip roof rating?

When do they not require it?

I won’t answer this since you told me the answer yesterday.

My guess would be Universal.
My guess to the second part would be when an aerial view was not available.

totally guessing


John in your situation you probably KNOW the insurance company you are inspecting for. For Home Inspectors who do these as a add on service, we have no idea who is getting them and hell most people shop them around. So should we do it all the time?

Do what is on the form, nothing more without additional pay. Universal is not the ones in charge the OIR created the form not them and there is absolutely no mention of a roof sketch anywhere on the form. It is our job to answer the questions that are on the form only. It is not our job to try to figure out what some insurance company who makes up their own rules wants. You all can continue to do what ever universal wants but not me. If they want something extra then they must pay. How about inspectors sticking together and only doing what is on the form. Most of you complain about others doing thing for free but most of you all just jump through any hoop Universal puts in front of you. If everyone told universal to kiss their a-s and did only what the form requires then none of us would have these problems. :smiley:

State farm is the only one requiring it all the time, as far as I know. If its close, then document your measurements however you wish. A sketch is the best way. If the report gets rejected it makes the inspector looks incompetent, it can be the difference between keeping, gaining, or losing an agent. My rule is that, if its not completely obvious by the picture, to always back it up with sufficient documentation.

OR, universal clients would simply refer the “preferred” vendors and we’d all be screwed.

knowing the info and keeping it maybe enough until you need it

I do what my clients need me to. It is not Universal.

Why would I not do something that makes me tens of thousands of dollars? If you give you clients what they need, they refer you and you get more business. If you do not you look incompetent.

I can spend time marketing or I can give everyone what they need and have them market for me while I make more money. It is your choice. I choose the latter.

Damn, I guess they told you M&M…:wink:

Give them what they need and they will come back and send others…

Do what you all are turning a simple straight forward inspection into a giant production. Keep on giving and eventially these will been a total waist of time and no one will make squat. The reason they keep requiring more is because you keep giving.

What do you all think is going to happen to the reinspection fees once universal must accept the lowest bid

U will be doing them :twisted:

By the way - that would be State Farm that is requesting the sketches.

You can be assured I will only be doing them if it is a good deal for me at the time.

I only do thing that I believe are going to be profitable.

What if there are no Stucco jobs?

It does not matter to me what I do as long as it is legit. As long as I find it to be profitable then I am in.

Welcome to Wal-mart?

sorry, I could not resist

What am I supposed to be ashamed that I have made a good living doing many different things?

When economical times are good I work with my head. When time are not so prosperous I have to work with my body.

I do whatever it take to make a legit living where I offer quality services or products at a reasonable price.