Wind mit signature

Trying to find an easy way to capture a customers signature for the wind mit. I have heard about just getting an app for the iphone. Do I need to even get it signed, can I just fill out the form on pdf and e-mail to them and they can just print and sign and send away? or can I bring a copy of the form have them sign on sight then take it home and crop the signature into the online program that I use to create the wind mit?

I just have them sign my note pad and transfer the signature myself.

I’ve never submitted one with a customer signature. Not needed.

Who attests that your inspection report was based on a site visit by you (or your employee) and that you actually did the inspection and that proof of identification was provided to the client as stated in the signature area of the form?

Elevation pics are one .

We have performed more than 20 thousand wind mits and have had clients sign almost all of them. We use a pdf form and have them sign on a tablet. I makes the agent’s life easier. Which is one reason we have done so many.

I attest that I did the inspection.

I’m just saying, they aren’t requiring the client to sign the form. I’ve never submitted one signed by the client. Ever.

Agents don’t have the client sign it either.

You’re welcome to get signatures if it makes you feel better, but it’s not necessary.

Logistically, I would prefer not to have to track down the client for the signature- it would certainly make the process easier for an out of town client. I always believed (perhaps incorrectly) that not having a client signature was just another reason for the insurer to reject the wind mit.

The signature is a PIA but I do it because it’s there and most agents want it signed anyway. If they are out of town I let the agent figure out how to get it. They just sign it on my tablet or phone.

Mark, honestly how many wind mit do you do? I know for a fact that all of the agents we work with can not turn in a wind mit without a signature. Many of our agents love the fact they do not have to deal with it.

Based on some of the comments here, not just this thread I understand why we stay so busy. Hiring another inspector and just added the third person in the office. Thanks guys, your great! :stuck_out_tongue:

Must be signed

It is with Citizens and it has to be a “real” signature, not a digital one.
At least, digital as in the one you can set up in Adobe.

I use a pdf form and the client can sign it using Adobe, using the “pencil”. Or, they can print the signature page, sign that, then fax it to the insurance company.

The form asks for signatures. I would suggest that others get the signatures. After all, the last thing you need is to be on vacation and get a call that the client can’t get insurance because the wind mit form wasn’t signed. Just sayin…

I don’t think it matters much who signs it…realtor, buyer, seller, your wife, Just so it is signed…

That’s quite a number, may I ask how many inspectors in your fold to perform these?

Currenty, six

Wind mitigation must be signed. Anyone you says otherwise is misinformed. At some point, the form is being signed by the client if the agent is submitting it.

Citizens is especially particular about the signature.

Our client’s sign directly on our tablet in the PDF format. If you cannot do that because your using a regular computer. Do as the re-inspectors do.

Print of a stack of the fourth pages minus the shutter info. Have the client sign the paper and photograph the signature page. Yes, photogragh. Then on word/office, place the picture of their signature and print to pdf.
After you print your wind mit minus the clients signature to a pdf document, insert the pdf page of the clients signature.

I do them every day. Never had a request for a client signature.

It must be signed. It is not the inspectors job to collect the owners signature but the insurance company has to have it signed. If you do a lot of them then the agents will expect you the inspector to collect the signature

How can you make such a direct statement ?? Where did you learn this ??
If the signature verifies my participation, I WANT to be the one to get the signature. NOT a big deal. What’s it take, 10 seconds ??
If you don’t collect the signature then the Agency has to burn a week and send out, postal, the form and then return. Just not good business sense
The Agency you write for must never received reports filled out, they obviously don’t know any better…