Wind Mit Training

I just took the Nachi wind mit class online, but I sitll do not feel ready to perform a wind mit. Was wondering if there was any other training out there available in a dvd format that anyone knew of. Any advice would be appreciated.

Nope. It is not that tough? Dangerous as hell thanks to the ridiculous requirements. Just do your best and post questions here and you should be fine. What is it that makes you feel not ready?

Additionally Steven, you could take Bill York’s wind mit class. Search the forum here, I’m sure his contact info is around. Don’t have it with me but will gladly update this post later should someone else not provide it before I do.


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Steven, they really are not difficult at all. try and find a local inspector that will let you ride along on a couple, and you will see that. When you run into situations that are “unconventional” just post something on here. You may get twenty different opinions about the right answer, but you will get answers!

Russ Hensel is in your area I am sure he will help you if you need it. Feel free to contact me if I can help.



lots of answers for you and you still have not told us what you find so challenging?

You may have to eat a crap sandwich from a few of the pricks around here but I assure you you will get all the help you need to handle a simple wind mit.

Well I printed the form as I was doing the class. It just seemed really confusing form. Permit dates and what not. I have a lot to Learn before I start.

Call me anytime and I’ll give you advice like I have done a great many even my competitors. 954-922-0585. I’ll be gone freom this sat till next sun but after that if on a job and you need a question answered just call or send a picture and I will be glad to help.

It is not tough and I am sure you can handle it :slight_smile:

Give me a call sometime, I have no prob if you want to go with for a day.
239 849 5787…

Smart. Screwing up a wind mit is the quickest way to kill your home inspection referrals. Sub them out until you get a handle on things.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions about the form.

Does the inspector fill out the permit date info? Or the client.

The only thing the client does is sign the Homeowner Signature block. You research the rest and fill in the form. Didn’t the Nachi course go thru this?

I took the class and it didn’t really go step by step down the form on how to fill it out. As for the permit section I believe it just stated to do your best to get the information.

Steve, I you want to call me I can go through the form. The inspector is responsible for filling it all out except the Homeowner’s signature block.