Wind Mit Upsell

Many times the client is unfamiliar with the wind mit inspection.

Has anyone made a flyer to hand to client on site or to email them to help upsell the service in conjunction with a HI?

The IN article Nick wrote is good but a bit much.

Not a flyer, but I tell them what it is and then give them a discounted price if they pay for it at the inspection.

Same here, and if they don’t want it I still collect the data while on-site, since they are very likely to call 3 weeks later when they get a quote on homeowners insurance. No return trip needed.


Ditto. Once the insurance company gets their bite they will be calling

We offer a discounted price if ordered and produced with the HI. We still take the data, tell them we have it if they need it later we can deliver but at a higher price. 9 times out of 10 they take the discounted price. :wink:

I do as you Fred…except I don’t tell them I have the data and then go back out and sit in my vehicle and drink coffee for 30 minutes… (JUST KIDDING!!)

I do same as you here.


I started talking customers into Wind Mits but then found that a number of them did not close on the home. I felt bad because I talked them into paying for something that provided no benefit.

Now, I do the work (takes about 5 minutes since I am already in the attic) for the Wind Mit and tell them what discounts they are eligible for. I take the photos and tell the customer to call me if everything goes through and they are shopping for insurance and I will do the Wind Mit at the same price as if I did it with the home inspection. I already have everything I need so I do not have to make another trip.

My customers appreciate it and I end up doing the reports on about 50% of the homes.

We don’t up sell wind mits, we inform the clients what they will need to do to get insurance and possible discounts. If they pay for the wind mit at the time of the inspection it is cheaper, but we get the info either way. If they call back later for it, it is full price. If they do not buy the home we will, either not write the wind mit, or do the next one free with the home inspection.

If you have someone answer your phone, they have the time to explain the different inspections(reports) that they may need. This provides better customer service and plenty of “up selling”.