Wind mit, you make the call

What nail is this? :twisted:

Fairly common in the 90’s. They were sold as 8d spirals, but really 7d foreign made. I still count them as 8d. Did you pull that one out with your vice grips??

I count it as an 8. See them all the time right after a re roof and most always shorter than a ring shank.

7d nail. No dice.


It seems to me that the approved training indicated that the 7d nails were to be treated as 8d nails…

What training?:shock:

The one that the insurance agents teach…:roll:


I’d like to hear more. I’m not giving the 8d credit for this nail. For those who are is it based on some uplift documentation that spiral 7d provide the same or greater uplift resistance as 8d common?

I remember 2 3/8" being accepted not 2 1/4"

The one given by York and the one given by Jose Uz - (Contractors exam school)

If these nails are used on a re-roof with re-nailing, keep in mind that there is also another set of original nailing or stapling that can be added to the re-nailing total uplift. This would definitely be better than an original 8d smooth shank common nail, which is all that is needed to qualify for the 1802. Use a little common sense, but it is your call on a 7d spiral for original deck nailing.



These appear to be 7d nails(2.25 in with about 2.5mm in diameter)

The 2010 Florida Building Code: Existing Building states:

Also from the Forest Products Laboratory

and then
Page four

If they can turn on the way out it appears that them may not have the same withdraw resistance. For uplift through OSB or plywood I am not sure that would matter.

I’m not entirely certain on the York class - I can’t locate my notes - But I AM certain that the Contractors Exam School taught it that way.

Ha ha ha. Insurance agents TEACh HA HA HA. How about the f-ing OIR teaching something…That is who should do it. I do not give a rats *** what an
Insurance agent thinks. They NEVER know s h i t . NEVER

Hey when they call you and tell you they accept something if you just change the form do you?

So what do you say oh Great Guru John :slight_smile: Respect Intended :slight_smile: