Wind Mit

What do you all think. I do not want to say anything because I want you guys honest opinions. I will comment at the end. Thanks for Playing :slight_smile:

Not Good !

I don’t see any “nails”…

according to simpson who I just got off the phone with screws are ok if they use theirs but the connection if for wood to wood not masonry to wood.

I think now after all I have talked to Dennis, John and You here and my opinion he is out of luck :frowning:

As soon as I saw the poor workmanship and he told me he was going to do it last night I knew there was going to be problems. Thanks for input.

Non-structural screws in rafter (missing one on both sides). Connector not flush with wall (a big no no). I wouldn’t pass those retrofits.

Thanks Neither did I :slight_smile:

I hate it when I have to fail peoples hard work :frowning: But I had no other choice.

The picts I showed were the worse of the worse but none had all the holes filled no more than 3 in anyone.

I wouldn’t pass this retrofit either, poorworkmanship on the installers part

To say the least :roll:

Glad he left me the money :slight_smile:

Why would you consider any retrofit without engineering and permits?

Oh I forgot, The form doesn’t mention anything about permits on retrofits or that they might have to be installed properly

I did not say I considered it. I just wanted to have everyone’s opinions so I could show him in case he did not get it :slight_smile: He got it.